A Brief History of The Yellow Springs Men's Group

(Operating as “The James A. McKee Association,” circa 2007)


Robert L. Harris

In its early years the Men's Group was an informal group which met at various venues in and around the village. During 1992 and 1993 it held breakfast meetings and lunches at "Shoney's"in Springfield (no longer in business), in various homes, and at Young's Dairy.

Retired Yellow Springs' police chief James McKee was instrumental in shaping the organization and recruiting members. As an organizer and promoter of The Men's Group, Jim McKee spent many hours devoted to obtaining greater black inclusion in: education, politics, and the economic life of Yellow Springs.

Although not deliberately intended to be exclusionary, the group consisted of mostly retired men, hence the name "Men's Group" was adopted as a descriptive term. The group's earliest primary aims were: 1) to improve prospects of the minority community in its political, economical, and educational well-being; 2) to promote racial economic equality and balance. and 3) to assist young minority members of the community in achieving their fullest developmental potential, with emphasis on young African-Americans. Reflecting these goals, top priorities of the group were documentation of contributions that blacks had made to the development of Yellow Springs, and fighting job discrimination.


The Yellow Springs Men's Group (YSMG) became a formal organization in 1994 with its first President, James A. Mckee. The group drafted a formal constitution plus a set of bylaws to govern activities. Among the signers of that first draft were: James A. McKee, Norris Bayless, L. Shelbert Smith, and Paul Richardson. The organization's emphasis and orientation remained on "uplifting the black community." A section of its draft Mission Statement read:

"This group is organized to improve the perspective of the minority community relative to its political, economical, and educational well-being. It is designed and organized to promote equality and balance, as well as to assist minority members of the community in achieving their fullest potential in all phases of life, with special emphasis on young blacks."

Documenting blacks and their contributions to Yellow Springs remained a guiding theme for many years. A major early activity was videotaping of elder blacks in the community to prepare a history of their contributions. A number of tapes were made using the talents of Col. Edward Rice; however the project faltered when Col. Rice left the project.


In 1995 the YSMG opened a bank account as a non-profit organization with the Springfield Federal Savings Bank which later became Cornerstone Bank.. Several community issues were addressed by sending prepared statements-of-position to The Village Council and/or The Yellow Springs News.

A documented Summary-of-Accomplishments for 1995 included:

* Adaptation of a Mission Statement for the YSMG Establishment of the YSMG as: ...an unstructured and informal, but proactive body."

* Supporting the closing of YSHS campus by a letter to the editor in The Yellow Springs News.

* Encouraging The Village of Yellow Springs to advertise job openings: "...so that women, blacks, and other minorities will have an opportunity to apply."

* Participation in The Employability Workshop in conjunction with The Urban League of Springfield.

* Meeting with officials of The Antioch Publishing Company for discussions of their practices on hiring and the promotion of blacks and minorities.

* Sponsoring its first "Candidates Night" which replaced The League of Women's Voters

"Meet The Candidates" event.

* Preparation of an initial listing of all the black businesses in Yellow Springs.

* Organizing of a forum for discussing zoning and health department violations that concerned the habitation of a temporary structure on a vacant lot on West College Street, near The Omar Park Estates.

* Setting up training session with Dayton Access Television (DATV) for video-camera operation and editing. This was an extension of The Men's Group effort to videotape interviews with blacks, to document their contributions to the Yellow Springs' community.

Speakers at meetings of the YSMG in 1995 included:

* Robert Burton, CPA and former African-American mayor of Springfield, Ohio.

* Representatives from: "Concerned Citizens Coalition of Yellow Springs.

* Kenneth Yonkee, Superintendent of Yellow Springs Schools.

* John Gudgel, Acting Principal, YSHS.

* Randall Newsome, Principal, Mills Lawn School.

* Joseph Lewis, Councilman, Yellow Springs Village Council.

* Dale Henry, Mayor, Springfield, Ohio.

* David Heckler, Yellow Springs Village Manager.

* Jo Scott, Assistant Yellow Springs Village Manager.

* Lehr Dircks, Clerk, Miami Township. Trustees.

* Antioch Professor Oliver Loud,

* Hardy Trolander, a founder of YSI.

*Al Stewart

On June 28 1995 the Men's Group organized and hosted a luncheon with ministers of black churches in Springfield and Yellow Springs. Its purpose was to discuss problems that existed in both minority communities, and to devise strategies to overcome them. The meeting aimed at empowering minorities in areas of jobs training and employment. Among those attending were: Norris Bayless; Andrew Benning; Orlando Brown; Wilbur Brown; Harold Cordell; Rev, Nathan Beavers, Jr.; Rev. John Freeman; Paul Graham; Rev. Charles L. Jones; Rev. Jewel D. Jones; Rev Robert Lanier; Rev. Cecil Pratt; Ted Jackson; Nathaniel Lawson; James McKee; James Phillips; Edward Rice; Rev. Charles Robinson; James S. Smith; L. Shelbert Smith; Rev. James Tate; and Earl Walker. Those invited but who did not attend were: Joseph Anthony, Paul Ford, Edgar Jordan, James Phillips, and Paul Richardson. The meeting took place at The Bryan Center and was catered by Shirley Ragans.


In January 1996 the Men's Group's initial Recorded-Certificate-of-State was signed by then Secretary-of-The-State-of-Ohio, Bob Taft. Also in January, its Articles of Incorporation were signed by: James McKee, President; Norris Bayless, Vice-President; L. Shelbert Smith, Treasurer; and Paul Richardson, Secretary. In February the YSMG obtained a federal "Employee Identification Number" from the Internal Revenue Service. During July the Men's Group adopted its first Bylaws and Constitution.

In 1996 The League of Women Voters, Inc. discontinued its "Meet-The-Candidates" meetings in Yellow Springs and the Men's Group stepped into the void with L Shelbert Smith serving as its organizer and chairman.

A letter was written by YSMG Secretary Paul Richardson to The Yellow Springs News urging citizens to vote. A "Career-Modeling Project" initiative was begun in conjunction with the Springfield Urban League. A set of guidelines for group involvement in political issues was prepared for discussion.

In November 1996 the YSMG held its first annual Board Meeting at the Bryan Center attended by: James A. McKee, President; Norris Bayless,; L. Shelbert Smith, Paul Richardson, Reuben Chaney, and Ted Jackson. The following topics were on the agenda:

* Sponsorship of the second "Candidates Night." community meeting.

* Voter Transportation Efforts.

* Guidelines for Political Involvement for group members.

* The Video-taping project.


In 1997 John Hart and Ron Schmidt became the first white members to join the YSMG.

The Annual Board Meeting of December 1997 had on its agenda:

* The Video-taping Project.

* Progress getting minority teachers into the Yellow Springs school system.

* Minority career-modeling efforts.

* The Voter Transportation Efforts.

Achievements during that year were: 

* "Candidates Night.". 

Among the speakers before the group during the year were: 

* John Gudgel 

* Faith Daegele, a YSHS tutor.

Between 1997 and 1998 the YSMG met bi-weekly at The Bryan Center with member Andy Benning providing the luncheon arrangements on a reimbursed basis. A hallmark of the period was Jim McKee and Jim Smith's house-to-house distribution of the meeting's notices to members. The group had 25 members and its assets were $1,576.00. Dues were $35.00.


In 1998 James A. McKee was named the group's Ohio Statutory Agent. Candidates Night was held in October. At the November meeting the topic of "Open Membership & Reach-Out Initiative" was discussed, resulting in a concerted effort to recruit women into the YSMG. At the Annual Board meeting on December 9"1 the Board addressed the composition of the Group, which was exclusively men. Attention was drawn to the Constitution which read: "...Any Yellow Springs citizen upon application.. .shall be deemed a member of The Group..." Open discussions concerned the topic of whether or not the name of the Group was presumed to be exclusive of females, notwithstanding the language of the Constitution to the contrary. Speakers who addressed the group included:

* Chris Zurbuchen, YS Council

* Dr. John Fleming, Curator, African-American Museum & Cultural Ctr.

* Don Hollister, Village Council

* John Gudgel, Joan Dungey, Alicia Peters - YS School System

Achievements in 1998 included:

* "Candidates Night"

* YS "Historical Perspective Committee Initiative"

* Voter "Transportation-to-the-Polls" Initiative.


Achievements included - Candidates Night.

Election of officers resulted in James McKee, President; Ron Schmidt, Vice-President; Paul Richardson, Secretary (w/Robert Harris as 'backup'); and Norris Bayless, Treasurer.

Speakers before the group included:

*Tom Allen, President, Vernay Laboratories, and Doug Ericson, Chief Environmental Engineer

*Faith Patterson & Karen Patterson, "African-American Cross-Cultural Works."

*Tony Armocida, Superintendent, Marilyn Dowdell, Treasurer, YS Schools, and John Gudgel, Principal, YS High School.

*Marilyn Dowdell, Treasurer, YS School System.

*Marianne McQueen, Community Services Representative.

*Angela Wright, YS School Board.


In 2000 the YSMG renewed its "Ohio Certificate of Continued Existence." A group of its members created "The Investment Club of Yellow Springs" - an educational partnership to learn about investing.

At the February meeting the YSMG changed its orientation from 'improving prospective of minorities,' to 'improving prospective of the total community.'

During the year the first YSMG Strategic Plan was developed. The first "Magic Show" Scholarship Fund-Raiser was held in the high school gym. Candidates Night” was held October 26, 2000.

Among the speakers before the group in 2000 were:

* Marcia Williamson, 3rd grade teacher.

* Tom Haughsby, President, YS School Board.

* Jeffrey Huntington, President, Huntington Instruments, Inc.

* Jerri Connors, Bennett Associates, Inc. was hired by Village Council to recruit and search for a new Village Manager.

* Tony Armocida, Superintendent, YS Schools

* Brad Newsome, YS High School basketball coach.


In 2001 the YSMG made changes to its Constitution and Bylaws in preparation for IRS 501©)(3) status as a federal non-profit organization. In June, its first scholarship fund-raiser was held in the high school gym - "The Festival of Magic." It was a huge success. On May 12, 2001 , the YSMG sponsored a community forum: "Safe Drinking Water." On November 1 the group sponsored "Candidates Night." The first scholarship awards were made. (Awards made to Rubiahana Vaughan, Armanda Griffiths, Tyler Winks, Shawn Rudegeair)

Among the speakers before the group during 2001 were:

* Tom Allen, President, Vernay Laboratories.

* Hazel Latson, Village Council member.

* Tony Arnet, Village Council President.

* Samuel Young, Owner of Mill Works, Inc.

* Marsha Leonard, Superintendent, Greene County Career Center.

* Steven Sutcliffe, Treasurer, Greene County Career Center.

* George Pittstick, YS Village Council.

* Jeff Singleton, Executive Director, Friends Care Center.

* Tony Armocida, Superintendent, YS Schools & John Cudgel, Principal, YS High School.

* Rob Hillard, YS Village Manager.


The group received official approval as an IRS 501©)(3) non-profit organization. Among the events during the year were the second Magic Show Scholarship Fund-raiser, and Candidates Night.

The guests included representatives from The Yellow Springs Jewish Men's Group and speakers before the group included:

* Lee Morgan, CEO, The Antioch Company

* Rob Hillard, YS Village Manager

* Dan Dixon, President, TLA, Inc.

*Eric Marcus, Candidate for Greene County Commission.

Achievements in 2002 included:

* Sponsorship of the Village Income Tax Forum.

* James A. McKee Scholarship Award. (Awarded to Schelle Crosswhite,)


On January 18, 2003 President, James A. McKee died. Vice-President, Ron Schmidt, assumed role of Acting-President.

In February Barbara Boettcher became the first women to join the YSMG.

Later that year James Smith, a Charter Member, died.

Achievements in 2003 were:

* James A. McKee Scholarship Award. (Awarded to Dylan Borchers, Rhyan Smith, Bryan Mayer, Samuel Klontz)

* Award of the first 'Community Leadership Award..'

* Sponsorship of 'Candidates Night'.

* Sponsorship of the Yellow Springs "Cost-of-Living" community meeting.

* Sponsored the "Magic Show" fund-raiser for The James McKee Scholarship.

Speakers before the group during 2003 included:

* Dan Young, Owner, Young's Dairy

* John Struewing, Planning Board

* Mary Alexander, Village Council

* Andree Bognar, YS Social Worker

* Barbara Bookshire, CEO of Homemaker Services of Greene County

* Mary Morgan, YS Historical Society

* David Etling, Pgm. Coordinator, "Structures of Service Program," Antioch College

* Tony Armocida, Superintendent, YS Schools

* Ms. Wehrley-Pyles, Owner, "Mama's Midnight Bakery of Yellow Springs."


YSMG activities in 2004 included:

* Establishment of the Scholarship Endowment Fund with the YS Community Foundation

* Participation and sponsor of the Cost-of-Living Analysis seminar at Wright State Univ.

* James A. McKee Scholarship Award. (Awarded to Josiah Newsome)

* Sponsor of 'Monte Carlo' fund-raising scholarship party.

* Dedication of "James A. McKee Way" - memorial street for West Limestone Street.

Speakers before the group in 2004 were:

* Colin Aultman, Fire Chief, Miami Township Fire Rescue.

* Betsy Newman, Yellow Springs' Chamber-of-Commerce.

* Lisa Arose, Greene County Partnerships for Success.

* Carl Bush, Police Chief, Yellow Springs.

* Krista Magaw, Executive Director, Tecumseh Land Trust.

* Ted Donnell, The Leeds Program. (Energy-Efficient housing).

* Marianne McQueen, Director, Yellow Springs Home, Inc. and Lindie Keaton, home buyer Coordinator for YS Home, Inc.

* Dave Foubert. Mayor, Yellow Springs. and June Allison, YS Clerk-of-Courts.

* Dr. Ignacio Sarmina, M.D. - "Treatment options for enlarged prostate glands, including the Indigo Laser Treatment, Drug Therapy Option, Surgical Options, and Minimally-Invasive Treatments."

* Connie Pelekoudas, Treasurer of Board of Trustees, Yellow Springs Senior Citizens, and Rodney Bean, Director, Yellow Springs Senior Citizens.

* Barbara Boettcher, YSMG member - "Estate Planning. "

* Ann Filemyr, Director, Yellow Springs' Health Survey.

* Greg Felder, Director of Physician's Services, Greene County Memorial Hospital.

* Dan Young, Chairman, Community Resources Board, and Jim Walker, Community Resources Corporation.

* Dr. Barbara Gellman-Danley, President, McGregor School, Antioch University.


YSMG activities in 2005 included:

* Sponsorship of "The Second Annual Yellow Springs' Community Forum" held at Wright State University. (March 26m).

YSMG events in 2005 included:

* The "Monte Carlo" fundraiser, held at Antioch College.

*Annual James A. McKee Scholarship Award. (Awarded to Lila Jensen)

* Candidates Night (October 27, 2005).

* Establishment of the annual "Founder's Award" for community volunteerism.

Speakers before the group in 2005 were:

* Carl Bush, Yellow Springs' Police Chief.

* John Cudgel, Principal, Yellow Springs High School.

* Rick Jurasek, Interim President, Antioch College, along with Dave Radkey, and Mark Swankolm.

* Connie Collett, Librarian, Yellow Springs' Library.

* Len Kramer, Yellow Springs Mediation Group.

* Cathy Hale, Karen Wintrow, "Community-Led Change Process."

* Fran Rickenbach, President, Yellow Springs Community Foundation.


In 2006 selected videos of presentations at meetings were archived and made available to the public at the Yellow Springs library.

YSMG activities in 2006 included: 

* Sponsorship of "The Community Information Project."

YSMG events during 2006 included:

* "Festival of Magic" fundraiser.

* James A. McKee Scholarship Award. (Awarded to Issa Walker)

* Annual Founder's Award.

Speakers before the group in 2006 were:

* Eric Swansen, Yellow Springs Village Manager. (video taped)

* John Grote, Yellow Springs' Police Chief. (video taped)

*Dan Young, Jim Walker, and Carol Gasho ("Yellow Springs and Miami Township Community Improvement Corp.")

* Marsha Leonard, Superintendent, Greene County Career Center.


In 2007 the YSMG changed it name to "The James A. McKee Group" ("Jim's Group"). The name reflected two major realities First, its founder, Jim Mckee, was the guiding light and inspiration for members throughout his life, and no better-fitting memorial to his ideals could be expressed than by renaming this group after him. Second, "Mens Group" was never meant to be gender exclusive. Its Constitution and Bylaws always explicitly stated: "Any citizen upon application, acceptance of application, and payment of membership fees shall be deemed a member of The Group." The group became The James A. McKee Association (“JAMA”).

YSMG events in 2007 included:

* James A. McKee Scholarship Award. (Awarded to Niquelle Orr)

* “Candidates Night.” [video taped]

* Annual Founder's Award. (awarded to Andre Bognar & Lloyd Kennedy)

Speakers before the group in 2007 were:

* Dana Patterson, Dir. Coretta Scott King Center, Antioch College.

* Tony Armocida, Superintendent, Yellow Springs School System. [video taped]

* Richard Lapedes & Joy Kitzmiller, New Superintendent & Treasurer, Yellow Springs School System. [video taped]

* Lee Morgan, CEO, Antioch Bookplate, Inc.

* Rick Omlar, President, Yellow Springs Instruments, Inc.

* Len Kramer, Chairman, Community Round Table.

* Ellen Hoover, President, Yellow Springs Chamber of Commerce.

* Colin Altman, Miami Township Emergency Medical Services.

* Bob Harris, “Genealogy”

* Mark Crockett, Miami Township Trustee.

*John Gudgel, YS High School Principal (“Black students success”)


During 2008 one of the group's original members, its most ardent and respected supporters Dr. Shelbert Smith, died. A retired college professor, renown local educator, and known to everyone associated with education in Yellow Springs, he helped guide the direction of the Men's Group during it's formative years.

Jim's Group ongoing activities during 2008 were:

* The Community Information Project.

* Planning for a series of financial workshops and seminars on life-after-retirement,  and money management.

*Continued development of the organization's web site [http://www.45387.org].

Events during 2008 included:

* James A. Mckee Scholarship Award. (Awarded to Loren Miles, Todd Sheets)

* The Founder's Award. (awarded posthumously to Shelbert Smith.; and to The Perry League)

Speakers before the group in 2008 were:

* Robert Harris, Founder and Vice-President of The African-American Genealogy Group of the Miami Valley.

* Police Chief John Grote.

* Norm Glissmann, Yellow Springs School Superintendent, and Joy Kitzmiller,  Treasurer, Yellow Springs School System.

* Karl Zolar, Administrator, Yellow Springs Community Friends Care Center.

* Eric Swansen, Yellow Springs Village Manager.

* Larry Gault, V.P., Operations, Greene Memorial Hospital.

* Jeff Campbell, Contract Agent for NBC-TV, "The Olympics and Visit to China."


Events during 2009 included:

* The James A. Mckee Scholarship Award. (Awarded to Margaret Franklin, Crystal Reedy)

* The Founder's Award. (awarded to Al Denmen)

* Sponsored “Candidates Night” (Oct 29)

* Sponsored “Financial Freedom Now,” (5 evening sessions)

Speakers before the group in 2009 were:

* Mark Cundiff, YS Village Manager.

* Dan Young, Chamber-of-Commerce.

* Len Kramer, Home Inc.

* Karl Colon, Greene County Library

* Lori Askland, YS Village Manager.

* Bob Brecha, NetZeroHome (Home Energy).


Newly-elected officers began their 2-year term in January: Bruce Rickenbach, President; Kent Bristol, Vice-President; Norris Bayless, Treasurer; and Bill Bebko, Secretary.

Events during 2010 included:

* The James A. Mckee Scholarship Award. (Awarded to Matthew Rowe)

* The Founder's Award. (Awarded to Dan Young).

Speakers before the group in 2010 were:

* John Gudgel, YS High School principal. [video taped]

* Chief John Grote, YS Police Department. [video taped]

* Bruce Bradtmiller, YS Community Foundation & owner of Anthrotec, Inc.

* Mario Basora, YS School Superintendent. [video taped]

* Neenah Ellis, WYSO. [video taped]

* Karl Zalar, Friends Care Center. [video taped]


In April the James A. McKee group sponsored a community forum on 'affordable housing' in Yellow Springs with major focus on Home, Inc. This was the first of three community forums during the year. Others dealt with 'the direction of Yellow Springs schools,' and 'The Village tax-renewal levy.' All were held at the Y.S. Senior Center.

Other Events during 2011 included:

* The James A. Mckee Scholarship Award. (Awarded to Anne Weigand)

* The Founder's Award. (awarded posthumously to Naomi McKee).

* Sponsored “Candidates Night” (Oct. 27th ) [video taped]

Speakers before the group in 2011 were:

* Laura C. Curliss, Interim Village Manager. [video taped]

* Colin Altman. [video taped]

* Home, Inc. [video taped]

* Lindstrom-Sprague. [video taped]


Major Events.

* In accordance with Bylaws The James A. McKee organization, on January 11, 2012 President Rick Kristensen reported results of election-of-officers: President, Harry Lipsitt; Vice President for Programs, Peggy Erskine with Rick Kristensen as backup; Vice-President for Research & Planning, Ron Schmidt; Treasurer, Bill Bebko; Secretary, [open] with Kent Bristol as backup; Historian, Bruce Rickenbach; Parliamentarian, Millard Mier; Founder's Award Chair, Bruce Rickenbach; Scholarship Award Chair, Dave Turner; Fund-raising Chair, Peggy Erskine; Membership Chair, Ron Schmidt. After new officers were announced, Rick turned the gavel over to Harry Lipsitt, and Harry conducted the balance of the meeting.

* Yellow Springs 'Cost-of-Living' Study update was presented in June of 2012 at the Senior Center.

Other Events during 2012 included:

* The James A. Mckee Scholarship Award. (Awarded to Zyna Bakari)

* The Founder's Award. (Awarded to John & Mary Agna) [video taped]

Speakers before the group in 2012 were:

* Mario Basora, Superintendent of YS Public Schools.

* Dan Dixon, Owner of “Laser Link, Inc.” [video taped]

* Chief John Grote, YS Police Chief.[video taped]

* Dr. Mark Roosevelt, President Antioch College. [video taped]

* Roi Qualls, Data Solutions, Inc.

* Roy Eastman, builder of YS Park Meadows and Kingfield neighborhoods.

* Matt Housh, Principal YS Mills Lawn Elementary School. [video taped]

* Laura Curliss, YS Village Manager.

* Patrick Ertel, Owner of Ertel Publishing.


Major events sponsored were “Candidates Night” [video taped] and the CBE Forum [video taped]

Events during 2013 included:

* The James A. Mckee Scholarship Award. (Awarded to Angela Allen)

* The Founder's Award. [video taped].

* “Candidates Night” for area-local political candidates. (Mills Lawn School) Two nights – (1) School board & Township, (2) Village Council & Mayor. [video taped]

Speakers before the group in 2013 were:

* John Gudgel, YS school system; 365 Leadership [video taped]

* Laura Curliss, YS Village Manager.

* Chief Tony Pettiford, YS Police. [video taped]

* Karl Zalar, Friends Care Center.

* Karen Wolford, Director YS Senior Citizens Center. [video taped]


Events during 2014 included:

* The James A. Mckee Scholarship Award. (Awarded to Taylor Beck)

* The Founder's Award. (awarded to Paul Abendroth). [video taped]

* Successfully conducted the first “Stay-at-home Tea” fund-raiser.

Speakers before the group in 2014 were:

* Glen Courtright, Enviroflight, Inc. [video taped]

* Dr. Sharon Webb, Dean, Antioch Midwest.

* Becky Harrison, Antioch Wellness Center.

* Brian Housh, (“Village Council mgr. Search”). [video taped]

* Karl Colon, Administrator, Greene County Library. [video taped]

* Christine Monroe-Beard, 'CBE' presentation. [video taped]

* Patti Bates, Village Manager. [video taped]


The major event sponsored was “Candidates Night” [video taped]

Events during 2015 included:

* The James A. Mckee Scholarship Award. (Awarded to Bryce White)

* The Founder's Award (Awarded to Maria Wright). [video taped]

Speakers before the group in 2015 were:

* Patti Bates, Village Manager. [video taped]

* Dave Turner, Dave Turner, Inc., “Computer protection.”

* Colin Altman, Miami Township Fire Department & Emergency Med. [video taped]

* Jim Hammond, Owner, Mills Hotel. [video taped]

* Brian Housh, Village Council member. [video taped]

* Mario Basora, Superintendent of YS Schools. [video taped]

* Don Hollister, 'Arthur Morgan Institute for Community Solutions.'

* Sterling Wiggins, Yellow Springs Foundation; Kim Kramer, Financial Administrator, YS bank.

* Chief Dave Hall, YS Police. [video taped]


A new slate of officers began their duties for the 2016-2018 – Karen McKee (daughter of the Founder), President; Paul Abendroth, Vice-President; Bill Bebko, Treasurer; Kent Bristol, Secretary. During the year Bill Bebko died and Kent Bristol moved out of the area. Peggy Erskine accepted nomination for Treasurer (replacing Bill Bebko), and Lee Huntington was elected Secretary with Robert Harris as backup.

A Planning Committee was organized to produce a Strategic Plan for the organization, replacing that produced in 2000.

Events during 2016 included:

* The James A. Mckee Scholarship Award. (Awarded to Ms. Dy'Meisha Banks in memory of Bill Bebko)

* The Founder's Award was awarded to William “Bill” Bebko, posthumously). The James A. McKee organization was the first group to use the newly-completed Mills Park Hotel for the Founders Award Dinner [video taped].

Speakers before the group in 2016 were:

* Yellow Springs Mayor, David Foubert.

* Village Manager, Patti Bates. [video taped]

* Brian Housh, Village Council member. [video taped]

* Realtor Rick Kristensen (former President of JAMA), YS housing & market expert.

* YS Police Chief, David S. Hale. [video taped]

* Sam Young, CEO of Mill Works, Inc. [video taped]

* Dan Corrigan, Denny Powell, Yellow Springs high-speed Internet proposals. [video taped]

* Patti Bates, Village Manager. [video taped]

Acknowledgments -

“Thank you” doesn't even come close. So please accept my gratitude for making this possible. Listed alphabetically – Bill Alexander, Norris Bayless, Bill Bebko, Orlando Brown, Reuben Chaney, Peggy Erskine, Paul Graham, Ted Jackson, Rick Kristensen, Harry Lipsitt, Bruce Rickenbach, Ron Schmidt, Chief James McKee, Karen McKee, Naomi McKee, Paul Richardson, Shelbert Smith.

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